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Since 2012, Violet has been delivering and sending encouraging gifts called Blessing Bundles to children battling cancer. Violet's Live Love Foundation is a place for all of us to come together in His service to lift up these precious children who endure so much. Until a cure is found, there is a great need to fill. There are many ways you can join Violet and her mission in providing Blessing Bundles to brave and innocent children across the world.


Join Violet's team of Cheerful Givers. Visit our Bless page and read about how your donation can gift a Blessing Bundle directly. You may also donate any amount to help.


Can you donate new items to be included in our Blessing Bundles? Do you have a business that would like to help? Please visit our Contact page and send us a message. We would love to talk with you and have you become part of our team.


Share Violet's mission with others. The larger our team grows, the more children we can bless. Visit Violet's social media pages and share the love.


Pray with us. Each day, Violet prays for the complete healing of all the children fighting for their lives. If you have a prayer request for a child, please send it to us through our Contact page. Violet would love to pray for them.



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