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Meet Violet Brielle Spataro. She is a little miracle. In her 8 years on this earth, she has become a source of inspiration and hope for thousands of people all over the world. Violet’s unwavering faith, joyful disposition and loving heart have carried her though a long and difficult childhood cancer battle with an amazing grace.

At just 7 months old, beautiful Violet was diagnosed with Bi-Lateral Retinoblastoma, a pediatric cancer that develops in the retinas of the eyes. After genetic testing, it was found that Violet also has a rare RB1 gene mutation. Because of this, Violet is susceptible to cancerous tumors reoccurring in both of her eyes. And, because her body does not produce the tumor suppressing protein, she has a higher probability of cancer occurring in other parts of her body throughout her life.

Yet, Violet shines with incredible courage and charisma through all of her treatments and beyond. Even through enduring CT scans, MRIs, surgeries, countless blood draws, injections, 12 rounds of chemotherapy, 21 EUAs (exams under anesthesia where scans of the eye are taken), hospital stays for systemic infections and more over the years, Violet fully loves life. And, she has defied all of the odds against her diagnosis every step of the way. Violet continues to be closely monitored with EUAs, labs and Oncology follow ups every few weeks at Seattle Children's Hospital. EUAs and labs make sure there is no recurrence of cancer and her oncology appointments check on her physical well being in relation to the risks associated with her full diagnosis. MRIs, audiology and vision exams are also a part of her yearly monitoring plan.

Violet is happy, precocious and quite the social butterfly. She loves introducing herself and making friends wherever she goes. Her grasp of her journey with cancer and her strength rooted in faith are that of a much older soul. Violet openly shares her experiences in front of thousands with such passion and without fear. She lovingly prays for others going through their own battles daily.

The deep compassion and love Violet has always shown for other children battling cancer quickly blossomed into her own non-profit organization, Live Love Foundation. Sweet Violet brings Blessing Bundles to the children at Seattle Children's Hospital and also ships them nationwide with help from her team of Cheerful Givers. Her heart is full of empathy and she enjoys filling her Blessing Bundles with favorites of the requesting children to gift them with a source of happiness.

In 2013, Violet’s wish was granted through Make-A-Wish and it was life-changing for her and her family. Since then, Violet has enjoyed actively being a part of her local Make-A-Wish chapter as well as Make-A-Wish America and many other chapters throughout the country. She loves helping make wishes come true for other children. Violet has appeared in Make-A-Wish tv commercials and radio pieces, travels to speak, sing and co-host at their largest events, participates in and leads fundraisers and has even created art pieces that have sold at auction for them at a total of over $80,000.

Violet has appeared on three seasons of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she has shared her love of giving to others and her bravery in overcoming throughout her cancer battle. She quickly won the heart of Ellen and all at the show where they endearingly refer to her as “Delightful Violet”. Violet now has her very own series on ellentube called "Out of the Box with Violet".

In 2017, Violet was featured in the inspiring documentary film Look to the Sky. This film is currently being shown in theaters across the country and all proceeds from the film are being donated to various charities.

Every day you can find Violet listening to her favorite artist and friend Brandon Heath, singing, playing and dancing. She spreads joy everywhere she goes with her smile and outgoing personality.

Violet reminds us all to always count our blessings. She shows us the meaning of a true warrior and what being grateful with your whole heart is really about. Every day is a precious gift.


We  would  love  to  have  you  become  a  part of our online community  on  Violet's Facebook page. We provide regular updates on her many adventures

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